Engineering is a professional degree program that requires application of mathematical, economical, practical as well as scientific knowledge for designing, inventing, maintaining or structuring new material and components. There are many specialized fields of engineering like civil, IT, mechanical, electronics and electrical engineering etc that focuses on specific applications and particular areas of operation. Out of these, civil engineering is considered as the most popular branch of engineering. There are many colleges for civil engineering in Pune to make a prosperous and good career for future.

Civil engineering is usually a 4-year graduate program which includes the study of construction techniques and structures of various forms like roads, building, bridges, airports and seaports. Civil engineering also deals with systems that are closely linked to infrastructure like transportation, water resources and environmental engineering etc. A civil engineering course prepares you for top positions in the construction industry as well as in the management, business and financial sectors. There are many opportunities for civil engineers in the public sector, environmental organizations and government departments, where they are often involved in drafting tender documents and setting project specifications.

Comparing the top Civil Engineering Colleges in Pune
The process of choosing the top civil engineering college can be harrowing for candidates and parents alike. To make the life easier, here we have put together some important aspects to check before comparing and choosing the top civil engineering college in Pune.

  • Faculty – While comparing and choosing top Colleges for Civil Engineering in Pune, always have a look on college faculty which includes teaching experience, visiting faculty, professors and teacher-student ratio etc. Good engineering colleges have highly qualified and experienced faculty members, which certainly helps students in their research area.
  • Placement record – While comparing civil engineering colleges, check for the placement record of the institutes. Usually, best civil engineering colleges in Pune manage to get the best placements for their candidates.
  • Infrastructure – It is also an important criterion for comparing and choosing the right civil engineering college. Good civil engineering colleges in Pune have good infrastructure. It includes administrative building, computer labs, classroom, workshop and various modern laboratories etc.
  • Extra-curricular activities – Extra-curricular activities also play a crucial role in your personality development. So, always look about extra activities offered by your desired college like guest lectures, students club, workshops, seminars, sport function, social activities, industrial training etc.
  • Other facilities – It is also one of the noteworthy aspects while comparing and choosing your desired civil engineering college. Facilities offered by the institute help you during your college time. These facilities include shops, hostels, internet, library, seminar halls, doctors, gym, student clubs and many more.

If you are looking for one of the top colleges for civil engineering in Pune, MIT Academy of Engineering (MITAOE) is the best choice. The institute offers full-time 4 year Bachelor in Civil Engineering program approved by AICTE.  Learning centric approach, contemporary and updated syllabus, best faculty, top placement record, state-of-the-art infrastructure and personal attention to all the candidates make the teaching process of civil engineering course at MITSOE highly effective.