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Attending business school has traditionally been the preferred choice of the candidates to advance their career goals, but large number of students now choose to work for themselves soon after getting their management degree. Anyone desirous of starting their own business venture may find it quite a difficult task to decide on which area of study to take up to increase the chances of success in their business venture. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Entrepreneurship is one of the best entrepreneurship courses in India that prepares you with an in-depth skills and understanding of what it takes to be an innovative and successful entrepreneur with business sustainability in mind.

All about BBA in Entrepreneurship program
BBA in Entrepreneurship program equips the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required to become a flourishing businessman with powerful managerial skills. The course also familiarizes candidates with the entrepreneurial process and the responsibilities related to company management and establishment.

Apart from this, the course provides practical application of the key concepts applicable to the entrepreneurial environment. It also focuses on analyzing and evaluating local and global business issues, social and ethical responsibilities for entrepreneurs, creating new independent business ventures, creating new ventures within existing firms, understanding innovation and developing creativity, and identifying opportunities for minority entrepreneurs and women etc.

The course follows the entrepreneurial journey – from venture creation and inception, to planning and analysis, to starting and managing an organization. In addition to creative aspects, important business fields of accounting, finance, management and marketing are also addressed in this program from an entrepreneurship perspective. At the end of the course, participants will gain the techniques, skills and knowledge to evaluate viable business opportunities; while identifying, securing and mobilizing resources. Participants of this course also gain knowledge needed for planning, research, regulations and operations affecting the businesses.

Top colleges in India offering BBA in Entrepreneurship program
There are several top BBA colleges offering quality and best entrepreneurship courses in India. BBA entrepreneurship program offered by top schools in India is designed to guide and prepare future entrepreneurs by offering the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the corporate world. IILM Undergraduate College – Gurgaon, Institute of Management Studies – Noida, IBS – Hyderabad, Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore and Christ University – Bangalore are some of the leading colleges in India offering quality BBA in Entrepreneurship courses to create the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Teaching of this program in these top schools is done through interactive sessions in the classroom. Real life situations and scenarios are also shared in these schools through audios, videos, tutorials, and group work. Focus is laid on practical work which is simulated through live projects, case studies and learning by doing.