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international residential school

Looking for safe and comfortable international residential school for your child is the first and foremost responsibility of any parent.  There are so many boarding schools in India and abroad but a majority of people choose the schools affiliated to CBSE as they are recognized by central government and their certificates are accepted by many foreign school boards too. They provide excellent academic programs, quality education and safe environment to every student.

Reputed residential schools like Doon International School Riverside Campus and Woodstock School provide friendly and motivating atmosphere to the students, which is important for their proper grooming. Qualified staff not only teaches academics but also provides additional knowledge on life skills to the learners. International boarding school is just like second home for your child as they get various comfortable amenities there. The student learns many essential aspects of education.

But here the main question is:

Why You Should Send Your Child to an International Residential School?
There are a lot of causes behind that. These schools involve the students in extracurricular activities and also conduct student exchange programs. They provide motivating learning atmosphere and have highly qualified faculties on rolls. There are many more good reasons why you should take the decision of sending your child to an international boarding school.

Qualified Teachers
Schools like Doon International School Riverside Campus and Woodstock School hire teachers with specialized degree in their subjects. Teachers play a key role in the growth of the students, and serve as their parent as well as guide, mentor, philosopher and friend. These experienced teachers have advanced qualifications in their field. They are passionate to teach their subjects and love to guide all students. They are present every time in the campus to help the students as they also reside in the campus. Special coaching for yoga and meditation is also organized by these teachers. These types of additional classes enhance overall personality of the students.

Excellent Sports Facilities
International residential schools offer fantastic sports facilities to the students. Your child will engage in sports like archery, cricket, badminton, basketball, table tennis, and football. They provide modern items of sports and games that suit the international standards. They have huge sports area which includes a well-equipped gymnasium with instructor and swimming pool. The trainers and coaches are certified in their particular games and sports. Many of their students win state and national level championships. These sports winners also prepare for international competitions and their coaches guide them and give complete support.

Comfortable and Friendly Environment with Medical Facility
Students at international residential school like Doon International School Riverside Campus, Woodstock School and many others always feel very comfortable. Their teachers and mentors  encourages and boost their morale. These teachers recognize that the students are living away from their home, so they provide full care, comfortable environment and have friendly behavior with the students. Good medical facilities are also available in the campus and an ambulance is also available 24 hours a day for emergency situation.