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After the successful completion of class 12th, comes the tedious task of choosing the right course and college for yourself. Yes, we know…. it’s not easy at all! But the thought of achieving your career goals at the right time and in right manner will always motivate you and make you feel that all the effort is worth it. Going in for an engineering course is the most preferred choice amongst students as this discipline has endless scope and gives you everything you desire for in terms of a fruitful career choice.

Electronics and Communication Engineering is known to be one of the most commonly chosen branch of engineering, owing to the fact that this specialization will prepare you to be an all-rounder engineer. You will get to study several aspects of engineering including civil, electrical and structural engineering as well. The city of Pune in India is one of the best places to pursue your ECE course as it has some of the best electronics & telecommunication colleges in Pune as well as in India.

Read below to get acquainted with the top 5 reasons to choose electronics and communication engineering colleges in India in the city of Pune:

1. Research and Industrial Exposure
The sponsorship and internship opportunities offered by the best colleges in Pune for electronics & telecommunication, is a great advantage for students as they get to learn about the in-depth functionalities of this industry. Most of these colleges have signed MOU with the premier companies for industry-institute interaction so that students are industry-ready when they move out of the college after their course completion. Moreover, these colleges provide students an opportunity to get involved in research work and make their profile stronger.

2. Learning Opportunities & Student-focused Activities
These colleges offer an immense learning opportunity in the form of several activities like seminars, workshops and various development projects which help in strengthening practical learning along with grasping the conceptual part of the subject matter. The activities are devised in a way that they are completely student-friendly and help in overall development of students’ personality. Industry visits and technical events and competitions are organised on regular basis for enhancing the learning of students.

3. Facilities and Infrastructure
The modern and advanced infrastructure and well-equipped facilities including classrooms, libraries and labs are provided by the top colleges for electronics & telecommunication in Pune. Facilities like Centralised Internet Browsing Centre throughout the campus, ultra-modern labs with the latest and well-maintained equipment and ergonomic design of the labs is much appreciated by the students. Animated demonstrations of the crucial concepts and video lectures help in skill development of ECE students as they get clearer understanding through these.

4. Experienced and Supportive Faculty Members
The learned and highly experienced faculty members of these colleges are an asset both for the institutes as well as students, as their contribution is priceless. They are very active and enthusiastic in imparting knowledge to students in a way that students enjoy their learning process. They remain updated with the latest advancements in the field of ECE and share the same knowledge with their students. They are able to provide the best guidance to students based on their own real-life experiences. They also have very good relations in the industry and hence help students get placed at very good positions, where they actually deserve to be after the hard-work of several years during their ECE course.

5. Placement Assistance
The placement support provided by electronics & telecommunication colleges in Pune is very organised and structured. They have an excellent record of successfully placing students at good positions with high salary packages in the top companies in India as well as abroad. Their consistent placement support has helped students in creating a strong alumni network as well.