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Are you creative and like connecting with different people and also have good communication skills? Then the glamorous world of hospitality awaits you!

Hospitality management is the study of hospitality industry dealing with a broad category of theme parks, event planning, lodging, transportation, cruise line and other additional areas primarily within the maritime, tourism and aviation industries. As a part of this industry, you would be completely responsible for making a home away from home for business travelers and vacationers. This sector can encompass really varied job profiles, ranging from a chambermaid to Chairman to a Director. The most magnificent aspect about studying hospitality management from one of the top hospitality management colleges in Gurgaon is the networking opportunities you get. A career in this area could be professionally stimulating and personally fulfilling.

Hospitality management Career opportunities in India
Getting a degree in hospitality management from hospitality management colleges in Gurgaon can take you in several different directions. Whether you want to work back-of-house as an executive chef, as a hotel general manager or front-of-house involving a lot of customer interaction, hospitality can get you there. The diversity of career options in this industry makes it absolutely impossible to cover each and every job description. So we have thrown light on some of the most important career options available in this sector in India.

• Hotel Manager – As a Hotel Manager, you look after the complete administration of a hotel including back-end as well as front-end. This important position demands a vast range of duties including performance tracking, budget allocation, quality auditing, strategic planning and also overseeing the services like accommodation and catering facilities.

• Cruise Director – If you are eager to see the world, the role of cruise Director will suit you. You would require powerful understanding of this sector with the help of some specialized studies. This position also involves overseeing safety and health issues, looking after the social and entertainment events along with onboard hospitality ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction.

• Events Manager – Hospitality Management can also open up doors for you as bridal consultant, event planner, party planner, conference manager, meeting planner etc. If you end up selecting this as your profession, you would be organizing and planning various events like conventions, weddings and open houses etc while paying attention to the minutest detail.

• Restaurant Manager – If you have a natural nose for the perfect dining experience and are foodie, then this career option would be right for you. You could be managing the operations of some small independent outlet or might be looking after the operations of some renowned restaurant chain.

• Hospitality Manager – The most obvious and common option as a graduate in hospitality management will be to take up some kind of managerial role in this sector. The management roles can be in conference facilities, entertainment venues, bars, casinos, regional or national marketing organizations, travel agencies etc.

There are a number of best hospitality management colleges in Gurgaon like Indian School of Hospitality that not only offer the best hospitality management programs, but also provide 100% placement assistance to their candidates in some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry.