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So you have got a degree in environmental law. Are you wondering what should be the next steps? Environment law is an upcoming area with a great potential as significant environmental law and policy making will determine the course of our future in the years to come.

Environmental law colleges in India offer well-structured programs for those who are passionate about protecting the environment. They have highly experienced faculty that will equip you with skills for handling a range of issues associated with the environment. This includes air quality, water, species protection, hazardous waste, biodiversity, wetlands, waste management, agriculture, green initiatives, alternative energy sources and sustainability strategies. You will also be involved in usage and regulation of natural resources.

Environmental law is usually offered at the postgraduate level as LLM program. A master’s degree would take around 1 to 2 years for completion. During the course, you will be having written assignments, independent research works and also presentations on various associated topics. Most universities currently allow students to take their master’s programme over a period of few years if they are working. Some universities also offer LLM program in environmental law, besides their JD programme as a dual-degree option.

Read on to figure out what can you do with a degree in environmental law course:

  1. Upgrade Professional Competencies
    A post graduate diploma in environmental law course can really upgrade your professional competencies as you learn more about the interfaces between various environmental legislations. With this degree, you get a better understanding of several other work streams such as biodiversity and the related laws, international environmental law and pollution control and waste management laws. This degree also empowers you with a deeper understanding of the environmental law and policy making which enables you to contribute to the cause in a better manner.
  1. Consider Academia
    Once you have earned your post graduate diploma in environmental law, you can consider a teaching position in one of the top environmental law colleges in India. You can consider either research and teaching as options which can help you to contribute to the environment significantly. If teaching at a college does not evince your interest, you can always consider a teaching job at a school and teach a specialized course on environment.
  1. Jobs In Other Industries
    With a post graduate diploma after environmental law course, you can also consider a variety of other industries to work for such as food processing units, mines, textile industry and waste management industries. These industries are constantly looking for professionals who can advise them on the various aspects of compliance with various environmental legislation. Therefore, a post graduate diploma in environmental law from a good environmental law college will be particularly useful.
  1. Government Jobs
    A post graduate diploma in environmental studies from one of the best environmental law colleges in India also ensures a career in administrative services with the Government of India. You can consider applying to the various departments of both central and state government such as fisheries department, department of forests and wildlife and department of urban planning.
  1. Environmental Technician
    One of the innovative career opportunities that you can explore after earning a post graduate diploma in environmental law would be that of an environmental technician. An environmental technician works towards addressing various aspects of public health while working in a coordinated manner with environmental scientists, environmental engineers and various other professionals.

You will also be dealing with large number of cases related to issues like pollutants and their containment, and also their transport and cleaning up. Not only this, the utility of fossil fuels like oil and gas is also highly governed by and falls under the authority of an environmental lawyer.