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In today’s competitive world, the demand for supply chain professionals is steadily increasing. Many companies are in quest of experts who have the knowledge about the ins and outs of the logistics planning process. These expert professionals help organisations become more industrious and competent, which in turn, leads to higher revenue. The CPIM certification, or Certified in Production and Inventory Management programme, helps professionals to develop and hone their skills in supply chain management. Upon completion of the certification programme, the learners will have the expertise needed to restructure operations and optimize the company’s inventory investment.

Importance of CPIM Certification
APICS a leading association for supply chain and operations management and provides CPIM certification to the aspirants. Till date, thousands of professionals have completed this training programme. The certification programme for CPIM is recognised globally and it opens up a world of opportunities for those looking to build a career in this field. A number of institutions in India provide the programme to the aspirants. Some of the recognised CPIM certification institutes include KnoWerX Education Pvt. Ltd, Symbiosis Institute of Operational Management, and Institute for Supply management.

After the completion of CPIM programme, a candidate will be open to a large number of job opportunities, such as supply chain manager, materials manager, production planner, operations manager and procurement specialist. In fact, most of the established organisations prefer to hire supply chain specialists who have CPIM certification, rather than an MBA.

The Benefits of Completing the CPIM Programme
The professionals who work in supply chain management are required to be creative and find creative solutions, analyse data and identify problems as they develop. They are also required to generate reports and build relationships with distributors, suppliers and other third parties. Developing and honing these expertise takes years and one requires continuous education and training since it’s an ongoing process.

The CPIM certification programme is designed to improve your knowledge of production and inventory management. In this programme, you will learn about the basics of the supply chain, the execution and control of operations, resource planning and more. After you complete the APICS learning system, you will be able to know how to increase the efficiency, productivity and performance of an organisation by optimising its production and inventory management.

Professionals with a certificate in CPIM are offered higher salaries than those who don’t have these certifications. The skills and knowledge acquired during CPIM training will help you to reduce the cost of your company and maximise return on investment.

Best CPIM certification institute in Mumbai
1. Knowerx Educational Pvt Ltd: It is one of the best-known CPIM Certification institutes in Mumbai, which provides certificate courses for CPIM programme. The institute provides online training programmes enabling professionals to learn and acquire more knowledge and skills as per the demands of the industry. The CPIM training offered by the institute will help the professionals to work efficiently towards the profit of the company, cutting its costs and maximising returns. KnoWerX focuses on empowering the individuals to run business in a better way.

2. Symbiosis Institute of Operational Management
Symbiosis Institute of Operational Management (SIOM) is another recognised institute in Mumbai which provides CPIM training programme to the learners. It is an internationally approved examination center facilitating individuals to take up competitive assessment test and allowing them to participate in the exam and thus become Certified Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) professionals.